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  • A 23-year-old man was acquitted of firearms charges after Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski successfully argued the Crown’s main witness was untruthful and ill-informed about guns. The Ontario provincial court justice acquitted Handlarski’s client of pointing a firearm, possession of a restricted firearm, possession of a firearm or imitation firearm to commit an indictable offence […]

  • A man has been acquitted of trafficking 15 kilograms of cocaine after Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski argued he was the unwitting victim of a major drug dealer. An Ontario Superior Court jury found the man, 28, and his co-accused brother, 32, not guilty of trafficking the cocaine, although they found the older brother guilty on several other […]

  • Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski is a problem-solver who advocates for his clients to get the best outcome when they clash with the “state.” “People come to me with unique problems and it’s my job to try to solve them,” he tells “Solutions vary, and how you define success in criminal law is part of the challenge. If […]

  • A man has been acquitted of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter after Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski argued her testimony did not meet the test of common sense. Handlarski’s 50-year-old client, who is not being named because it might identify the complainant, was charged with one count of sexually assaulting her, allegedly in 1998 or 1999, […]

  • A youth has been acquitted of six sex charges and given an absolute discharge for other offences after Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski argued that the evidence against him was tainted by high school rumours. Throughout the five-day trial in Burlington, Ont., Handlarski maintained the evidence of the four girls who alleged his client sexually assaulted them was […]

  • The Problem is not Law School. The Problem is that Law School is Buffered by Four Years Getting a Useless Undergraduate Degree. Since the great recession in 2009, there have been a lot of articles  and blogs that have heaped negativity on law school and the blamed the economic prospects of young lawyers on law schools. […]

  • Marijuana Breathalyzers When Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister, Canadians were anxious to see how he would deliver on his promises in regards to marijuana legalization. The current Liberal government has promised that they “will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code and create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those […]

  • When are Police Allowed to Search My Home? You have the right as a citizen to the control and enjoyment of your own property, including the right to determine who can or cannot be permitted to enter it. The Canadian Criminal Code dictates that, without a warrant to search your home, a police officer must […]

  • When Canadian laws are written they are ideally enacted to protect those that need protection and to prosecute those deemed responsible of offensive actions. But  laws aren’t always perfect. Recently, RH Law achieved a significant victory in a case centered around the Civil Remedies Act. This law allows the government to seize property so long […]

  • On Tuesday August 4th 2015 gunshots were heard by patrons outside of the Muzik Nightclub Venue around 3:20am. The incident resulted in the death of two people. One of them, Ariela Navarro Fenoy, a bystander, was struck by a stray bullet intended for Duvel Hibbert (also deceased). The tragic circumstances have stirred controversy for Taxi […]

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