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More evidence needed to use roadside saliva testing for marijuana

The assertions that marijuana consumption and driving under the influence will increase if it’s legalized need to be challenged to arrive at a reasonable public policy, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski writes in The Lawyer’s Daily.

“As a result of these two premises, the Liberal government appears to have proposed to amend the Criminal Code to allow police to take ‘oral fluid samples’ if the police have reasonable grounds to suspect that the driver is impaired by marijuana,” he writes.


Conviction would be difficult in a new Cosby trial: Handlarski

If there is another criminal trial for Bill Cosby, a conviction will be far from easy, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski tells CBC’s The National.

“It’s going to be difficult for the prosecution in any scenario, in the best-case scenario, to find 12 people who will agree to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” he says.

Handlarski, principal of RH Criminal Defence, spoke to the broadcaster’s flagship news program after…


Roadside saliva testing and marijuana

As the Trudeau-led Liberal government intends to pass legislation to legalize marijuana, there has been a great deal of commentary indicating that we can therefore accept that impaired driving from the consumption of marijuana will increase significantly.

This conclusion is actually based on two premises: 1) that marijuana consumption will go up significantly, and; 2) that driving having consumed marijuana will go up significantly…


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