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Fierce defence of individuals charged with criminal offences, including: domestic assault, sexual assault, drug trafficking, firearms offences and violent offences. Other charges our firm routinely defends, including:

Driving Offences Fraud Sexual Offences Domestic Assault Drug Offences Theft
Weapons Offences Breaches of Court Orders Violent Offences Robbery

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Law School Life & Beyond Podcast

Law School Life & Beyond Leadership Series - Ryan Handlarski, Criminal Defence Lawyer at RH Criminal Defence

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The Law Garage Podcast

Annamaria Enenajor and Ryan Handlarski: "Criminal law is a fight for the humanity for those that are the least privileged"

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Letters from a Contrarian Podcast

Ryan Handlarski: #metoo, Apartheid, StopSOP, and Boomers.

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Published Articles

Canada's Wonderlands: Can a Convicted Sex Offender Subject to a Section 161(1)(a) Order Legally Enter an Amusement Park?


Statutory interpretation of the term “public park” in the context of Section 161(1)(a) of the Criminal Code, and whether an amusement park or public exhibition can be classified as a “public park” within the meaning of that section.

Oct 21, 2021

Zoom trials are here to stay, and that is a good thing

Canadian Lawyer

If I say the words “Zoom court,” it is bound to evoke controversy among many of my colleagues. Both Crown and defence are not ready to let go of the old way of doing things. 

Oct 01, 2021

A mindset of scarcity

Canadian Lawyer

Providing newly minted lawyers with a universal basic income would help their entrepreneurial spirits flourish, argues Ryan Handlarski

Dec 17, 2019

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