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Since the O.J. Simpson trial in 1995, I have been fascinated by criminal law. Through high school, my undergraduate education and even law school, I was always looking for resources about what the practice of criminal law is like, but finding the answers I was looking for was not easy. In law school, I found that there were a lot of resources devoted to other areas of law and that the systems in place were mainly for other areas of practice. I want this space to be a platform for people interested in the practice of criminal law whether you are interested in practicing it in the future or just interested in one of the most interesting aspects of a democratic society. All questions are welcome.

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Do I have What It Takes to be a Criminal Lawyer?

This is really the key question that is hard to answer. I can only say that this question is not different about whether you have what it takes to be an actor or a singer or a doctor or any other profession where it is difficult to succeed.

When I was an articling student, I used to think I was a hero for producing a well-written legal memo. When I began working as a criminal lawyer, I realized that legal research was a small component of the work of a criminal trial lawyer. The ability to prepare a strategy, cross-examine a witness, act with instinct in dynamic situations and charm a jury are much more important attributes.

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Spend time one-on-one with an experienced and skillful criminal defence lawyer

The best way to decide if you want to practice criminal defence is to experience it first hand, one-on-one with an experienced criminal lawyer. Experiencing a trial while having access to a defence lawyer to ask questions and to have the process explained is the best way to learn if criminal defence is an area that you wish to specialize in. Please contact me for more details.



Ryan Handlarski is available to speak at your next law group or workshop.

When I was in law school, it seemed like all of the systems in place were for careers other than criminal law. Many people that are interested in practicing criminal law feel pressure to practice other areas of law. My goal is to educate and inspire the students that are interested in practicing criminal law to consider it as a career. If you are a student group with an interest in or focus on criminal law and interested in learning more about the practice of criminal law, please get in touch to learn more.