Shorten timelines and improve perverse system

| Law Times

On a recent occasion, I listened to a family lawyer colleague talk about the circumstances of a case where the parties seemed to be really intransigent. The case had had a number of twists and what seemed to me to be some bad behaviour on both sides. I was curious enough to ask how long the case had been going on.

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Roadside saliva testing and marijuana

| The Lawyer's Daily

As the Trudeau-led Liberal government intends to pass legislation to legalize marijuana, there has been a great deal of commentary indicating that we can therefore accept that impaired driving from the consumption of marijuana will increase significantly.

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Can an Unsympathetic Accused Kill “Pre-Emptively” Under the New Self Defence Provisions?

| Ontario Bar Association

Ryan Handlarski reviews the defence of self-defence prior to and post the recent amendments to the Criminal Code. He focusses on a difficult area of the law – an area that cuts to the core of our duties to defend the rights of innocent individuals – no matter how unsavoury they may be. Mr. Handlarski makes a convincing argument that the law has changed and for the better.

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Convicted drug dealer faced 'oppressive' conditions inside Toronto jail, judge rules

| CBC News

An Ontario judge cited "unduly harsh custodial conditions" in sparing further jail time for a small-time drug dealer who was busted after selling heroin to an undercover police officer.

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Is prosecuting Dellen Millard a third time for murder a waste of time and resources?

| Toronto Star

Should Millard be tried a third time for murder? Dellen Millard has now twice been found guilty of first-degree murder, and received two life sentences, which means he could conceivably not be eligible to apply for parole until he is in his 80s.

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Top Stories RYAN HANDLARSKI Criminal Law Lawyer "Standing In The Shoes Of The Accused"

| My Business Magazine

For Ryan Handlarski, being a criminal lawyer is in his blood – entrenched in his being, in his passions. It’s what he thrives on, the ability to be a wall of defense for his client. with only your mind and your will against the superior resources of the State - and being able to win - that drives him.

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Pot testing problem at the TTC

| Now Magazine

How can the transit provider be so sure of the accuracy of a drug test for cannabis that the Department of Justice recently concluded is ineffective in determining impairment?

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Can a person kill pre-emptively in self-defence?

The Ontario Bar Association just published an article I wrote on a subject that I have been interested in for years: pre-emptive killings in self-defence.

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Carding in Toronto: It isn’t random and it is fundamentally illegal

In a June 18th article in the Globe and Mail Mayor John Tory defined the practice of carding Thursday as ‘the arbitrary stopping of people for reasons unrelated to any criminal or lawful investigation, and recording information from those people and storage of that information in a database of innocent people over a long-term basis.’ Using that definition, he said, ‘I believe today will represent a definitive end to carding.’”

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Not Liable: Law Schools Should Not Be Blamed For The Articling Crisis And The Sometimes Bleak Situation Of Young Lawyers

The Problem is not Law School. The Problem is that Law School is Buffered by Four Years Getting a Useless Undergraduate Degree.

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