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  • If you have been charged with a drug offence, then there is certain information you need to know. That critical information includes the exact nature of the charge, for example, have you been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking or possession for the purpose of trafficking? Police can be overzealous in their attempts to […]

  • Impaired driving is never okay, but mistakes can happen. Impaired driving simply put means driving while your ability is affected either by alcohol or drugs. Considered a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada, if convicted you can lose your license, be fined, or even jailed. To receive a DUI you don’t even have to […]

  • Being accused of a crime is a scary and confusing time, which is why I accept legal aid certificates and committed to helping those less fortunate. Legal aid provides people of low-income with a wide range of legal services, including duty counsel, legal aid applications and information over the phone, and a certificate program for […]

  • The Ontario Bar Association just published an article I wrote on a subject that I have been interested in for years: pre-emptive killings in self-defence.  It is a difficult subject for Courts to confront as self-defence as it was written in the Criminal Code, prior to the recent amendments in 2013, were highly suggestive that the attack […]

  • As my first blog post, I wrote about a subject that I find disturbing as a criminal lawyer – the breakdown of justice in some busy bail courts.  In most cases, bail is presumptive in the Criminal Code.  The section of the Criminal Code that deals with bail says that the Justice “shall release” the […]

  • Innocence Lost (or adjourned) The job of a criminal lawyer is to preserve a person’s liberty.  I believe it is the most important role in society after those professions that preserve life.  To anyone who has ever experienced any kind of custody can tell you, every day of liberty is precious. At a bail hearing, […]